CNN Money Compliments the Jaguar I-PACE

Just last week, we reported how German taxi companies might be going electric with the addition of nearly a dozen Jaguar I-PACE vehicles into a fleet in Munich.

But there's a lot more to talk about when it comes to Jaguar's first-ever all-electric SUV.

In mid-July, CNN Money reviewed the Jaguar I-PACE, a pioneer of the new luxury electric crossover market.

Some compliments paid to the new I-PACE include its ability to "[corner] like a sports sedan" with "quick and responsive" steering.

The important thing to remember, when considering an electric luxury vehicle, is that the drive and the ride quality is inherently going to be different from any gas-powered sports car that you've piloted in the past:

"And, indeed, driving the [I-PACE] is different from driving an internal combustion crossover. When you press the accelerator, the response is instant. If you're used to waiting a moment for the transmission to shift down and the engine to rev up, you have to rethink all that. When you need to go, the I-Pace simply goes. When you want speed, it's there in an instant."

Their final takeaway--about just why the new 2019 I-PACE is doing so well--struck a particularly poignant note, pointing out that removing the large, hot-running, and complicated engine machinery and replacing it with a system of batteries and motors removes one of the largest challenges that automakers face, and gives Jaguar designers more room to focus on driver and passengers.

The reviewer even called the Jaguar I-PACE's price (with MSRPs starting at just $69,500) "more than reasonable".

That's pretty high praise from a department dedicated entirely to business and finances.

You can read the full article here:

Or you can learn more about the 2019 Jaguar I-PACE here.


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