How Much Cargo Space Does the F-PACE Really Have?

Being a British car company, making British cars, it stands to reason that, on occasion, Jaguar would fall back into its old habits and heritage. For example, when measuring "boot space".

In a recent video, Jaguar excitedly detailed the mammoth cargo space in the back and full interior of its exceptional and competitive F-PACE SUV--using liters and millimeters.

For our Charlotte friends who may not want to spend the time converting to numbers that we're more used to and comfortable with (cubic feet and inches, respectively), we've done it for you.

Take a look:


Jaguar F-PACE Cargo Space

In the video, the F-PACE is shown to have 650 L of boot space. That comes out to roughly 23 cubic feet of cargo room in the hatch area of the crossover. However, along with using liters, it's common for European automakers to measure by different systems as well--a system that estimates a sort of "real-world" cargo space, and that typically gives figures far below the US-measured sizing.

In US cargo estimates, the Jaguar F-PACE realistically gives you about 33.5 cubic feet of storage space behind the rear seat, and up to 63.5 cubic feet overall with the rear seat folded and a proper configuration.


Jaguar F-PACE Cargo Dimensions

Cubic feet is more understandable than liters, to be sure, but you may still be wondering what that means in terms of day-to-day life. We've converted some of the measurements for you:

  • Width of rear cargo area from wheel well to well: ~49.5 inches
  • Length of rear cargo floor from back to back of rear seat: ~40.5 inches
  • Max height of rear cargo space from floor: ~29.5 inches

For comparison, the typical airline overhead bag is about 21 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches--and you could fit quite a number of those in the F-PACE's cargo hold, not to mention golf clubs, watersports equipment, luggage, strollers, pet supplies, and others.


Want to get a feel for the versatile cargo space in the new Jaguar F-PACE? Visit Jaguar Charlotte to see it in person.


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