Jaguar Develops Technology to Fight Motion Sickness

Did you know that more than 70% of people report having issues with motion sickness?

This may include motion sickness as caused by car, air travel, or other modes of transportation, but it's still a problem that's a lot more prevalent than you may think.

You may think that it's something that only affects children (and kids are more likely to have trouble with motion sickness) but it can cause problems for just about anyone--you can even develop motion sickness later in life after never having dealt with it before.

So, Jaguar is looking for a way to combat it.

New Jaguar technology is being developed to learn how to identify and mitigate motion sickness for drivers and even passengers, through the use of a complex algorithm that can create a "wellness score", and then adjust driving dynamics and cabin settings to help your body return to a more comfortable state.

What is motion sickness, and how can your car help fix it if your car is the thing causing it?

While motion sickness is still not completely understood, it's generally believed to be caused by a sort of miscommunication between your inner ear, your eyes, and your sensory receptors.

Basically, it's your brain receiving what it believes is conflicting information: everything around you is moving, but you're not. While your brain and body try to make sense of it, it can lead to feeling sick.

How can your Jaguar help you feel better? Top researchers are doing the work to find out.

By changing the temperature of the cabin (and your seat, if you have ventilated/cooled seats), the position of your seat, and the smoothness of vehicle travel, Jaguar researchers claim that they can reduce the effects of car sickness by up to 60%.


You can read more online at Jaguar's media site.


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