The Benefits of Getting an Electric Jaguar Model in Charlotte, NC

Choosing a Jaguar model means you are choosing a powerful and exciting option for your driveway and getting an electric-powered Jaguar is no different. These models are at the forefront of innovation, making sure you'll be able to enjoy every minute that you are behind the wheel. There are a lot of misconceptions about electric vehicles, and our team wants to dispel some of them for you, making it clear that an electric Jaguar is a great choice for your life.

An Impressive Range

Electric Jaguar models continue to offer their exhilarating performance while being able to go a long time without needing to be plugged in again. The high-tech lithium ion battery of the Jaguar I-PACE electric SUV allows it to get up to 234 miles for its range, putting it ahead of popular competitors. No matter if you are taking your daily commute or if you have a road trip planned, an electric vehicle will keep you covered.

Innovative Systems to Maximize Usage

Many electric vehicles waste energy when using some of the their most essential systems, but Jaguar models have been designed to be as efficient as possible with these. One system that is notorious for its energy use is the climate control system. Jaguar allows you to precondition the interior, making it the perfect temperature while it is still charging so that it uses less energy once you are on the road.

Driving through extreme hot and cold conditions can also reduce the range of your vehicle, but Jaguar models have a sophisticated thermal management system to keep the battery at its ideal temperature. By minimizing the impact of extreme temperatures on the battery, you will be able to go further without needing to stop.

Many Public Charging Stations to Choose From

There are tens of thousands of charging stations throughout North America, easily located by the standard navigation system of a Jaguar model. Some of these chargers are able to get an I-PACE to 80-percent charged in as little as 45 minutes. If you choose to sign up for the ChargePoint system, you will have access to some of the major charging networks for free.

It is simple for you to find somewhere to charge your I-PACE, and it is easy to set your charging up. All you need to do is pull up to the station, turn your car off, plug it in, and activate the charger, making it just as simple as using a gas station. You can follow the charging progress on your phone with the Jaguar InControl® Remote™ App, allowing you to stay connected to all the information that you might need for the road ahead.

Driving Modes to Suit Every Drive

When you want to use the least amount of battery power for driving, you can use the ECO setting. This setting is easily started inside the cabin and makes subtle changes to any systems to ensure you are preserving as much of your battery as possible. Contacting our team will let you ask any questions you have about electric Jaguar models, keeping you confident that it will be right for the needs of your life.

Reach Out Soon to Get Started

We look forward to hearing from you soon so that we can help you get into a model that will suit all the needs of your life. Our experts are here to help you see all the benefits of choosing an electric vehicle and how the ones you will find from Jaguar continue to stand above the competition.