A Brief Overview of Jaguar's Innovative and Class-Leading In-Car Tech Features

You don't have to be tech-obsessed to enjoy the latest advancements in in-car technology: hook up your smartphone, charge your devices, stream podcasts or audiobooks, and track vehicle information in real time. It's a welcome addition to any drive, whether you're commuting in rush-hour traffic or letting your Jaguar run full-out on an open stretch of lonely road.

Among luxury cars, Jaguar is a leader in in-car technology with its latest, updated InControl suite of apps, systems, features, and options. Learn a bit more about the range of options here:


Jaguar InControl Suite

The suite of connectivity features and infotainment systems as a whole is bundled under the InControl Suite of technologies--not all features are available on all models or trims. For more information about any of these features, please contact the team at Jaguar Charlotte.

Jaguar InControl Touch & InControl Touch Pro

The InControl Touch system brings a standard 8.0-inch touchscreen that works just like the screen on your smartphone or tablet, for convenience and ease of use. It shows maps, weather, phone connection, and displays select downloaded apps. The advanced InControl Touch Pro is a step up, with a customizable home screen, natural voice recognition, and a crisp display.

Connected Navigation

The Jaguar InControl Touch Pro system can be paired with Connected Navigation--Jaguar's most advanced maps tool, with real-time traffic information, directions and planning coordinated with your smartphone, and an online search function.

In-Control Apps

Apps on your phone, that can be optimized for vehicle use, like Calendars, Contacts, and Music Player apps, can be connected to and streamed through your Jaguar InControl Touch or Touch Pro System, so you're never without your important information and dates--and, of course, that song that you just can't get out of your head.


InControl Wi-Fi

An available 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot can be enabled in your eligible Jaguar vehicle, providing lightning-fast internet access right in your cabin. The InControl Wi-Fi can support up to eight devices in total, and uses a mobile SIM card through AT&T.

At this time, Jaguar cars' need for connectivity is satisfied through the brand's own suite of tech systems and features--Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not yet available or offered on Jaguar cars or SUVs.